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The Power Of Truth - Tuesday 31/05/11

Sometimes in the depths of darkness, one must wait until ones eyes adjust before attempting to see your way out. Stop. Breath. Trust in yourself and your universal power. Know the blindness cannot last forever and soon you shall be free.
I've learned this from recent experience. Since my last entry I followed my intuition. My gut instinct. It told me to research, gain knowledge. Realise and grasp the opportunity which I am presented through the present outcome of my own choices and actions. For that is what 'fate' truly is. I studied videos, read material and digested the information they held.
And now I can see how free I have been, and how truly free I can and will be. If you wish to follow, do as I did and do so with your mind open. Read the books I have read and recorded in this journal. Watch as many if not all the videos hosted on the following youtube channels:

Most importantly, read this free ebook HOW I CLOBBERED. EVERY BUREAUCRATIC. CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY. KNOWN TO MAN by Mary Croft. Print it out if you have to.

The knowledge I have gained has my heart racing. Truth so powerful it not only resonates with my 'inner' being, it sets it ablaze. In simple terms, I am constantly re-watching the end of 'The Sixth Sense' and each time being hit by that mind buckling sensation as the pieces fall into place and the underlying story is revealed. The story within the story. The realisation that you watched it, perhaps even knew somewhere in your mind the truth that was always lurking behind it, but couldn't quite put your finger on it until someone did it for you.

After you have done as I advise. Play Monopoly. Re-watch 'The Matrix'. Things will never be the same again. You simply cannot go back.

"Why oh why didn't I take the blue pill?" Cypher - The Matrix.

Fran Was Adamant She Could Not Go Down The Fireman's Pole. She Proved Herself Wrong.

Hormone Crazed Pregnant Lady Makes One God Awful Sandwich.

Lard. Butter. Was Bloody Relieved It Was Given To The Badgers!

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