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Banking On The Seat Of My Pants - Thursday 09/06/11

I have been engaged in a most interesting dialogue with my Bank. It would appear a banker's draft I paid in last Friday was magically imbued with chameleon like abilities. Abilities so convincing, that to begin with, it became invisible to the naked eye! So invisible that two 'advisers' signed to say the envelope was empty upon inspection.
It would appear however that its powers have faded to mere shape shifting as today I received a call to say that in fact a "slip" was present, but it lacked a sort code and account number. Unfortunately for my bank, this cheeky legal document is still redeemable despite the above, and I am nevertheless owed the amount it is drawn to.
During a morning telephone call I was asked if I might be available around 13:00/14:00 to meet with the 'local director'. On my way into town my gut instinct flickered and I felt that whilst guilty of no wrongdoing, to enter the bank that day would be most unwise. This profoundly confused me. Surely, my head said, it was in my interest to attend. I was not the one in the wrong. I was the injured party...
I decided to ask for a sign that would persuade me what was best.
Later, as I walked past a church window, I saw in my periphery an open book on display. A King James Bible. My intuition said to go back and read the page displayed.
It was clear what was meant to be read as a diagonally positioned paper clip on the page seemed to point to it.
Mark XV 16 - "And the soldiers led him away into the hall, called Praetorium; and they call together the whole band."
Who knows what that really meant regarding my situation, by my interpretation I was warned of the likelihood of unlawful and wrongful arrest.
I did not enter my bank that day.

Very Sad To Recognise A Fallen Soldier In The Paper. I Trained With Martin Lamb Back In 2003. Rest Easy My Friend.

Being Watched From On High.

Now I Love "Kev" The New Security Guard, But I Do Worry About Him. He's Always Cheerful And Welcoming, But How Long Until The Store Realise His Appalling Detection And Arrest Rate?

M Jones

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