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Soul Soothing - Saturday 11/06/11

The Fallacy Of The Monetary Market System.
"The majority of our society appears to choose to engage in a practice whereby an individual will attempt to convert their labour into currency, then currency into the very thing their labour could have produced. This practice is exploited by government and corporations. It's inevitable inefficiency exacerbated by numerous 'taxes' including, but not limited to, inflation and interest." - Mike Jones

About 11:00 Emma said "Right let's go!" So we did. Out of the town and into the woods then on to Swifts Hill. The sights, the smells, the sounds. They soothed my soul.

Later, I couldn't help but recall the little dip I experienced at Lammas whilst reading Walden.
Utilising the wonderful phenomenon that is hindsight/retrospect, I believe I can clearly identify the ingredients of my state of distress. I wanted what Thoreau had. Whilst stuck in the paradigm that had me believing my potential was confined within rules and boundaries, it is completely understandable.
I believe that herein lies the source of many peoples pains and resultant 'misery'.
My salvation has come through realisation and understanding of my power to bend , break and create those very same 'rules'.
There is only one law aside from those of nature. Do not cause harm, injury or loss to any other being.
Under this one law we can live up to our otherwise limitless potential. Should we choose instead to be governed by the sixty million odd statutes, we will find this limitless creativity and freedom, limited. Simple huh?

If your reality is not to your liking, recognise firstly that it is you who created it and perpetuates it. By this line of logic, it stands to reason that you can end and destroy it. The poor unenlightened beings whose ranks once included myself, mistakenly jump to the conclusion of suicide. That is definitely not what I am advising. Quite the opposite. What is the opposite of death and dying? Life and living.

Don't like your job? Stop doing it. Don't see your partner and/or children enough? Change that if you and they want the same thing, namely each others company. Don't think those two simple examples are possible? Why not? Where is your evidence? My chosen reality is my evidence and I believe proof.
Look around you. Where are the gun men? Can't see any? So where does your fear lie? I think you and I both know that answer. Money is where your fear lies. More accurately your fear of a lack of it.
You believe that a lack of money means you will die. You believe it is a lack of money that is killing people in the distant and removed "third world". Rubbish.
Aside form possible blame lying with the actions of the same government that supposedly acts in your name and interests, the truth is far more simple.
Death results from a lack of food/water and/or adequate shelter and/or ill health and/or inflicted harm/abuse and/or a foul mixture of the above.
These people who are dying from AIDS are not dying because the drugs are not available...
Enforced poverty is the deadliest form of violence combined with a population conditioned to believe, and die, resulting from the false idea they need money.
The same applies the world over. Why do pensioners freeze to death each winter in Britain, a resource rich country, when trees and fuel grow in their gardens and outside their homes? Heat could be generated, better still, shared.
Why do children as well as grown adults starve to death in this country?
If I ever found myself in that scenario my family and I would be in Tesco filling our faces. Sure, the corporation slaves might get upset. They might call the corporations henchmen and will enforcers otherwise known as "Her Majesty's Police Force". God bless em those lovely people would inadvertently or otherwise provide us with state funded food, shelter, even clothing!

So there you have it. Identify, analyse and attempt to find hard solid evidence, initially to support your "fears".
What I believe you will find after your identification and analysis is that once you break down your fears into actual effects and ramifications, it will be more difficult to prove your fears than it is to disprove them. I could be wrong. I speak only form my experience. Try it. What have you, or I, got to lose?
More to the point, and here is an infinitely more important question;

What have you and I got to gain?

A Bodger's Workshop.

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