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Surprising Events- Thursday 23/06/11

A surprising turn of events. Whilst printing a letter out for Emma I checked my bank account balance online. Blow me down if I didn't have over £1200 mysteriously deposited in cleared funds. Mysteriously, but only slightly. I am 99% sure it was paid by my bank. How I did this has been recorded both in hard copies and online. A sanitised paper trail is online here .

Sadly, the Series 3 Land Rover the money was intended for has been sold. I say sadly but it isn't sad. I believe we weren't meant to have it. If the universe approves we shall instead 'buy' a brand new Land Rover Defender.

To celebrate my success I treated my family and Emma's mum to some treats at a local cafe. Despite having the entire process of how I had created the money, Emma's mum still couldn't help but protest at how much it cost. Cost? that implied that I had lost or parted with something I owned. I laughed.

You May Kill A Man, But You'd Better Kill His Name First.

M Jones

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