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The 'Caravan Mans' 'Make it up as you go along' recipe for Pigeon

So you've had a successful hunt, you've got your prizes home and you've whipped off the delicious bits. (I'll presume you know how to do this, if not, get in touch).

As you've been out all day, and its blooming nippy by the time you get back, best get that woodburner stoked. Plus, although you don't know it yet, in a few minutes it'll come in handy...

Get your breasts of pigeon, rummage under the sink/larder to see what the heck she keeps in there and what you have to play with.

You may find;
2 potatoes sprouting happily in the darkness,
3 carrots you rescued from following the rest in decomposing,
1 onion,
and the last egg before a dog massacred three of your chickens the other day.

Chop em all up however you see fit. I started with the carrots and potatoes to get them boiled up as they take the longest.
Whack em in some slightly salted water, and get them going on the last hob ring that works since the other started acting 'dodgy' last winter and your attempt to clean it and fix it has resulted in visions of your home blowing up whenever you ignite gas.

When you get bored/so hungry you swear your stomach is digesting itself, bung the pan on the woodburner to keep warm and continue bubbling away at 150+ celsius

Chop up your onions and halve your pigeon breasts so they look like 'angels'.

Get the spoon you hand carved from a slab of ash ready.

Slap a good amount of butter in the frying pan. Has to be butter, nothing else will do, its the only way to fry...

Flash fry the pigeon breast for two and a half minutes each side.

As the onions start burning, realise that either you do the pigeon breasts or the onions not cut corners to save time.

Chuck the next two in and brown off the potato 'chips'.

Fry that egg, remember that as hungry as you are, low and slow is key.

 Don't keel over when you check the time, you're nearly there!

Eh Voila! Add some chilli sauce, its ace. Tuck in!

A poorly hidden tray of chocolate marsh mallows, probably intended to be 'shared' will do nicely for pudding.

Hit the hay and don't be surprised nor ashamed if you wake up the next morning at 10:14!

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