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The Hunters Chronicles - Friday 9th November 2012

On a walk through the woods to setup the trail camera, I received a phone call from the owner of my permission.

She wanted to know whether I had been using a shotgun on the cereal field. I informed her that no, I hadn't and I didn't own a shotgun.Her enquiry was prompted as her horses acted strangely last night and one of them "aborted".
This was interesting as upon my walk home I noticed the horses in the field below running in circles and snorting. As I left they were lined up looking in my direction. I could only think that my couple of crow calls had peaked their interest. I did consider texting her, but decided against it as they didn't appear overtly distressed and I've often seen horses galloping at the end of the day possibly venting energy.
But as a layman, its hard to say. Equally, what I witnessed may have been unrelated.
When told her this, she wondered if the pitch of the caller had upset them. Potentially, though I wouldn't have thought to the level of inducing a miscarriage.

Suffice to say, she has understandably asked me to abandon shooting there. Whilst she has promised to call if the biopsy on the foetus comes back negative, I am rather pessimistic.The very fact I was present the day the incident occurred warrants enough doubt to ensure my indefinite exile.

It is early yet, but I believe it may be better to concentrate on securing another permission than to wait and hope.

A door has shut. Time to open a window.

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