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Plans I Am A Making...

Posts of late have been sporadic at best, for this I do apologise. This is a reflection of my priorities at present and an indication that, whilst not intentional neglect, my attention has been required elsewhere in matters evidently deemed more important!

To the many readers still coming through from across the world, I humbly thank you and can make you a sincere promise of content yet to come. I haven't settled on too many specifics, I prefer not to, but the idea I have is something along these lines;

  • More outdoor living;
This will be achieved by re-organising my Bergen and equipment. I hope to bring my loyal friend along, a 16 week old Staffordshire bull terrier puppy. Once complete I should be set to go 'walk-about'.
  • In depth accounts of these short, but intensive spells of truly nomadic living (as opposed to 'static' nomadic living as was!)
  • More airgun hunting!
  • Possibly some videos from time to time.

Of course, I have a family to provide for, (so meat to kill!) so my forays will be limited to probably 3 days at a time, hopefully every other week/ every month.

The very idea has given me much needed hope and aspiration as I continue to adjust to a world that leaves me feeling so profoundly detached and disconnected to the land. I walk the dog on the common every day and smile each time at the existence of an allotted 'sanctioned' exercise area. The insanity of it makes me chuckle deeply. The whole Earth is my playground and I'll be damned if I march the same green mile.

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