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Cheesed Off - Thursday 15/09/11

And then there were none. With my friend Lukes arrival and departure, the last of the kittens was homed.
Emma's Mum left Wednesday morning, drawing to an end a period of mobility and commerce. My day today started with a sting. A wasp sting between the fore and middle finger. Nick showed me a sting he was dealt yesterday evening on his inside leg. Whilst the swelling of mine has disappeared, his has gotten angrier and redder from his allergy to them. Wasps are the real terrorists!

In my quest for a home brewed beer made completely from scratch, I sat and munched on nearly half a kilo of coarsely ground barley flour that I milled yesterday evening. The idea was to 'spit malt' 1.6kg utilising the amylase enzyme present in saliva. I couldn't tolerate sitting there mixing that much flour in my mouth. Allegedly, there is enough ptaylin in Human saliva to only need to chew two thirds of the grain. Hopefully my spit is superhuman!

I accompanied Frances to her swimming lesson to ensure all went smoothly. This time the children were taken straight to the changing rooms by Jasmine whilst I swiped them in. Again, I was told Frances was not able to swim without a photo being taken. I listened and left, knowing that what they were saying was irrelevant as she was swimming. But not for long. Whilst I went and bought cheese, they ejected Frances from her lesson. She was left to shiver in the changing rooms until Jasmine came to collect them. My plan had been to supervise the lesson to ensure such a scenario did not occur. Cheese evidently put pay to that.
I'm upset for my daughters treatment, but I am aware that they are now liable to pay us compensation of £250,000 due to the breach of trust and £2000 per incidence of breach of contract. Including refund of the swimming lesson fee plus three times the principal (standard lawful compensation) their bill now stands at £254,111.00. I had written to them last week informing them of their contractual obligations and provided a fee schedule of penalties they would incur... The Debt Collectors will not doubt be sure to chase that commission! Trample on the people's rights and expect to pay for the privilege.

The Sun has now set an hour earlier than it was. Canada geese were spotted yesterday evening scouting out ponds and lakes. The swallows are hanging on. I wonder for how long.

A Roundhouse Nearby Progressing Well.
M Jones

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