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My Spit And Solicitors - Friday 16/09/11

I am very pleased with my DIY Sparger. Due to rain, I dedicated this as a brewing day. My 'spit malting' seems to have been successful, the proof will no doubt be in the pint.
For a while, I struggled with separating the saliva soaked barley flour from the wort, until I found inspiration in Dave Lines' "How To Brew Beers Like Those You Buy". I knew of various methods employed that would perform the task, but a picture in this book set my cogs turning. The result, 1 x muslin cloth courtesy of baby, 1 x surplus bucket, baler twine and my siphon tube.

The DIY Sparger.
With the mush slowly filtering, Frances and I jogged upto Simon and Jasmines with a rain cloud on the bombing run right on our heels. We made it just in time. When the grey squadron had passed I pruned some yarrow and heeded back home. Perplexingly, Frances elected to remain behind and help Jasmine tidy her son Cosmo's room!
She was gone all day too!

A letter arrived regarding the leisure centre from a solicitor. It was scribed upon council headed paper. This so called solicitor said "I am of the opinion..." - No Dice buster. My reply outlined that whilst outside opinions are ordinarily valuable, in this instance non was requested nor required. It wasn't even signed on behalf of the council or anyone for that matter. So, in reality, I received some random chaps two cents. Now, the council have had notice served upon them that they owe us in excess of £254,000. Thats money in the bank if they continue to use the same solicitor...
I grow weary of this debt based legal stuff. If they would only respect our rights. Apologise for their breaches of trust and contract. Why do we need to convert our issues into figures of currency before we're taken seriously?
Stop putting us in a box you can tick. Humanity, life, love cannot be boxed and ticked.

M Jones

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