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The Hunter's Chronicles - Sunday 1st July 2012

I step out of my door into the woods, be it to smoke or to answer the call of nature, and you can ordinarily spot a species found on the general license.
Recently it has been two young squirrels,, one seen at a time. They have been edging closer to where we have the chickens penned and they appear to be nibbling the germinating grain that has been spilt. I'm also not happy that they will soon be stealing the crop of hazel nuts. In spite of this, I must confess to growing a little fond of seeing them scamper about in the light of the dawn and so I have been slow to unleash the Scorpion.

I overhead my partner comment that there were both squirrels to be found and so the T10 was awakened from it's fleece lined sleeping bag.

The approach is now well covered by the foliage and through the leafs poked the snout of the Scorpion. A standing shot, so I took my time. Once I was steady, the squirrel obligingly raised his head to munch on his vittels. A Superdome was launched and four stiff legs rolled skyward. Unbeknownst to me his buddy was close by and I saw a flash as he bolted right to left. I edged closer and observed him seemingly analysing his chums odd behaviour. His back was towards me and he wasn't going to lift his noggin. I fired where his head would be if he lifted it in alarm at say, the sound of a pellet rocketing towards him. But I overestimated his reactions. The pellet sailed over and he escaped into the canopy above.

I was amazed at the amount of blood spatter on the floor where he fell. 11.1 ft/lbs at 20 yards with a domed pellet appears to be exceptionally effective indeed. I couldn't be more pleased with the accuracy of the Scorpion T10 and the obviously swift despatch it imparted.

Much later in the day I pushed my luck going for a mooch for rabbits.

Luck I pushed too far. A shame too as I had special plans...

The best opportunity presented was a Deer that passed within 40 yards of my position. The Scorpion is good, but not that good...

Still, I got to play with my new Hitachi HDC-1495E. My mobile phone camera simply doesn't do my subjects justice, plus I also have a airgun application in mind for it, to be revealed in due course.

Tonight, I may break out my long neglected Night Vision set up and reveal the secrets of the darkness...Ultra covert hunting!

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