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TH208 Scope Cam Hunting

Got this after going out 'hunting' straight after getting in from work at 17:00.

Didn't get to eat. (See vid) 

Some woman brought her dog for walkies right in front of the warren I'd been sitting at for 2 hours (turns out she's the landowners horse training assistant). 

 The only shot I got was this one an hour later, 

5x Magnification, he emerged slightly closer than the lasered 10 yard marker making him about 8 yards away. The shot should have impacted just below the crosshairs into the heart/lung region. That scoot he did was adrenaline before the lungs gave out of course, he expired behind nettles, thistles and an impenetrable barbed wire fence.
I should have gone for a Head shot as I always do but I was unsure of the lightweight Thunderbolt Pellets and penetration so elected for the softer tissue. The state of my metal funnel pellet trap should have assured me they were more than up for the job.

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