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If You Went Down To The Woods Last Night - Friday 19/10/12

To catch the layer of the rabbit dung I spied, I employed my latest acquisition. A Trail Camera. (Write up to follow in due course)

The culprit was captured;

But the other results were somewhat worrisome;

A Fox.
A Comparison;

A rather bushy, ghostly behind...(right hand side)

Tonight I will re-site the camera so that subjects are caught approaching rather than across the field of view. I will also switch to video and, in future, reduce photographing intervals from five seconds to two.

T'would appear my urine is powerful stuff, because the chickens fencing isn't! My habit of relieving myself upon their perimeter appears to be deterrent enough. For now. I am concerned that come winter, the hungry fox will overcome any foreboding my scent currently instills, and the chickens intended for my stomach will be 'diverted'.

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