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The Hunter's Chronicles - Friday 17th February 2012

What's the story morning glory? Well, very different from yesterday! Walked outside and there were three squirrels within spitting distance. I don't know who was more surprised, but their reflexes were functioning better than mine. In a second they were gone. Walked not 50 paces on, and two more nervous squirrels bid a hasty retreat.
I cast my eye about and it snagged on a tuft of white by the base of a tree trunk. A very dead, very stiff squirrel. A kill from yesterday. She'd poked her head ever so slightly round for a peek. I had a pop and the head had disappeared. I'd presumed I'd missed, being such a small target, and she'd run up the tree. Evidently my aim was true. Bonus!

With the amount of prey about I didn't want to miss out so I tried a different approach. Instead of the softly, softly I went 'swift and bold'. This was quite effective. They seemed surprised and as they gathered their senses on the trunk of the nearest tree, bang, I took my shot. One was less than ten yards away to my left frozen to the spot. Didn't even move until my pellet peirced his ear.

Unlike yesterday, this morning was warmer and overcast. The strong sunlight of yesterday made things a challenge with lens flare and shadows. No so this morning.

I covered a much greater distance, far more quickly and ended with three kills plus bonus. I won't be eating the bonus one due to it not having been gutted promptly, this one will be skinned and laid out as an offering to Pan and his fellow woodland spirits in gratitude.

Very pleased with this mornings outing.

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