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The Hunter's Chronicles - Tuesday 28th February

Wow wee, what a day!

First blood(s) for the 97k. One male, one female Squizzer. No glory shot sorry I forgot. But! I have some better ones...

Had me singing "Female Squizzer roasting on an open fire..." to the tune of the xmas jingle.

Now then children, listen carefully, for it was t'whilst I was butchering Mr Squizzey Whizzer that me ears did hear a melodious sound emanating from yonder tree. Hark, says I, Mr Pujin... So off I sloped to my Nissan Terrano mobile shed to get the MKIII TX200. I did not want to miss this shot.

Mr Pujin was oblivious to me scheming and I sloped past the wood shed where I could see him without showing myself. Hmmm, this would require some 'pellet threading'. There his head was. Breathe, first pressure, hold, thunk.
Like a downed flying ace, Mr Pujin plummeted to earth. His brains having pressed the ejector button and exited out the back of his skull.
Yum Yum. Off with his breast.

So the lesson for today is, keep your ears open and ya trusted rifle handy!

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