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The Hunter's Chronicles - Monday 5th March 2012

Hey Hey! Morning all!

06:30 this morning I threw open my curtains. Glorious morning, clear sky, sun just peeking over the horizon and WTF! a rabbit lolloping past my solar panels! This is a good morning!
A quick fag and I released the chickens (the newest addition to the household), then I shook the MKIII awake and off I hopped. Nothing.
A walk through the woods. Nothing. Just scared off the woodies one after the other. No squizzy whizzers.
I arrived home with the pellet in the breach being philosophical. Again.
As a habit, after drawing a blank and in order to fire off the action, I walk a few paces into our little woodland where a rabbit sometimes can be seen. Frustratingly he's normally there when you go for a shit as its near to where I keep the bucket.
But NO! There he was munching away. You beauty. I crouched down and gave a squeak, bloody twigs in the way. I slowly rose, the crosshairs ascended and when they rested on the sweet spot. Lights out.

Some folks have expressed an interest in some of the other aspects of my activities so here are some snippets...

Smoking skins...

Breakfast - Thanks Chickens!

Much Love y'all!

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