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The Hunter's Chronicles - Saturday 10th March 2012

Insomnia at four in the morning... what is one to do? A dawn patrol.
This morning had that feeling, a willing animal was out there. Waiting to be delivered to the grassy knoll outside the halls of valhalla. Mist swirled as smoke in the light wind. As I walked through the woods, the trees shivered in anticipation of the day ahead, shedding mini showers. My step was quickened as the nicotine and caffeine conspired in my gut. So distracting was this that I startled roosting pigeons from their nests in succession, chiding myself with each one that took flight.
I approached the venue as the Weihrauch sensed its prey. Out of the fog, the grey silhouette of a candidate was etched on the horizon. I dropped to my knee, taken by surprise at the rabbits bold display. I fired. I thought I saw his legs roll and point skywards, but the lack of a body proved that I had observed his ears as he legged it.
Onwards I went along the hedgerow, crouching, one foot softly leading the other. Movement ahead. The mist enveloped all in its path, providing the hunter with a cloak of concealment and a distinct advantage. A large doe nonchalantly chewed, unaware that in seconds a JSB Exact would be sent her way and send her to the afterlife.

This one was infested with rats leaving a sinking ship they congregated on her ears leaping overboard. So many were there that I was grateful for the chance discovery of a discarded dog lead that saved me putting her in the game bag and the job of cleaning it out later...

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