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Self Reliant Airgunning - Pellet Production, Ballistic Co-Efficients

This evening I've undertaken some long overdue ballistic coefficient calculations on my "Tomahawk" Homemade pellets.

The results were interesting, though not exactly too encouraging. The pellets are a tight fit down the 97kt barrel as well as the Th208. However the .22's are very loose in my chums HW100! bizarre.

Thankfully accuracy was very good but range is limited with the 97 showing severe drop off over just 15 yards. Here are the chairgun results. (Click to Enlarge)

As you can see by the graphs, the drop off is most pronounced in the .177 through the HW97kt, I may perform further trials using the tx200 tomorrow out of curiosity. I've reported the findings to the chap who makes them to help him refine and modify his future products.

It doesn't help that both guns are still rather new. The 97 may benefit from a strip down, the TH208 from a tuning kit. My conclusion is therefore that these pellets at present are best suited to FAC rated air rifles. Though should the proverbial poop hit the fan I'd still be happy to sling these at some pigeons! Boy they would pack a punch i'm sure.

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