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Bum Bum Changing - Monday 19/09/11

A morning of blogging, accompanied in the background by Eckhart Tolle, an afternoon carting nutrient rich muck from the border of the woodland. Thankfully, with Kits assistance.
The intention was a barrow each, the practice was not. Kits barrow had a flat tyre, so we relayed the barrow loads. I was exhausted by the time we eventually completed the task.
I did not have a restful night that night either. Woken at 03:00 to help Emma with a 'Bum Bum Change'. (For our baby, not Emma!) I didn't get back to sleep until 06:00. I passed the dark small hours reading in front of the fire. The library van had visited and I borrowed 'A Pheasants Revolt: More tales of the Country' it is so amusing Emma heard my frequent chortles from the next room. (We do live in a caravan).

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