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The Hunter's Chronicles - Sunday 6th May 2012

My recent acquisition, though it has nigh bankrupted me, and tentative return into the world of PCP's enabled me to engage in something not recommended with a spring powered rifle. The use of my DCR-SR32e Sony video camera as a scope cam.
When I bought my first PCP, the Webley Raider 10XS, I went positively all out and bought almost every accessory I could think of which included an IR bulb with my L2 Solarforce Lamping setup. Whilst I haven't fully explored the night vision capability, it was most enjoyable observing the rabbits and photographing them. It also had the bonus of occupying my mind as I observed those out of range, so more often than not, when I glanced up, a rabbit would have popped up in my kill zone.

Unfortunately, when the opportunity presented itself to capture a kill, the Stealth (or my .22 marksmanship) failed to deliver. I believe that either the shot fell short, or the bottle is finally low. Without a pump however, I cannot rule out the latter and for the sake of the rabbit I sincerely hope it was the former.

For those purists amongst you who have always rooted for the TX200 over the Stealth, have maintained the springer will be more reliable and deliver when asked, well so far, I have to concede you are right. I too am one of those purists, and so far PCP is not living up to my demands and requirements.

I returned with 'Old Faithful'...

Within minutes she did as her master asked.

But, I am willing to extend my benefit of the doubt. I believe the Stealth and I maybe reconciled despite our calibre differences and preferences. With a tin of Bisley Long Range Gold or H&N FTT I believe she will be able to perform at the ranges of the TX200 yet with a bit more punch.
Lamping is where I think the Stealth will excel, so let us wait, exercise patience and thus be rewarded.

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