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Virtual PC - Monday 26/09/11

The Warless Warrior awoke. 20:30 is the moment this is written. A name, a number assigned so other beings may identify the moment to which is being referred.
Names, numbers assigned. Beings. Divine machines. Machines greater than the sum of their parts. Parts of substance. Substance of matter. All that exists,is matter. Matter manifests/morphs as matter reacts with matter. Matter is not destroyed, it simply changes form. Energy is the force released/radiated as a by product of the interaction of matter.
Beings are biological machines. It is recognised that beings have unique identifier 'codes' that affect the beings make up, internal and external.

Human beings emit noises that conform to a standard and are understood in the same manner a modem does.
Some emit strange sounds that others need to program themselves in order to understand.
Human machines have gone too far. Most are running 'Virtual PC' and are not using th CPU's full resources to maximum capability. 'Virtual PC' is also known as 'ego' and dwells in the sandbox of the mind. The Virtual PC has gotten so powerful, it runs the rest of the machine...with limited capability and and disastrous consequences.

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