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The Hunter's Chronicles - Wednesday 16th May 2012

A brief return to the neglected woodland, possibly the last too as the weekenders have decided to move in full time. Nice to have neighbours and in honesty my pigeon roost shooting techniques don't seem to be yielding many juicy breasts. I'll find somewhere else to pop em off.

My pigeon hunting techniques are so poor in fact...I came home with a squirrel! I opted to explore a bit and try out a new vantage point. This had an excellent kill zone, the slope put me midway up the trees, with a panoramic view of the woodland floor out to a perfect 40 yards. I was presented with a couple of chances, but threading the pellet through the newly grown foliage was seemingly impossible. The shots I did get off must have ricocheted or impacted into branches, or I fluffed them all.

As my right leg had fallen soundly asleep, and I feared I would soon follow, I went for an "ahhh, ohhh, owwww JEEZZZUS CHRIST" wander...
A tail dangled from the fence. It was attached to a small female squizzer. As I eyed her up in the glass, she gave me a wink. I was most excited and blew an RWS Superfield in her direction...

The RWS Superfield entered beside the right eye, only just visible in the picture above. She fell back and dangled from the wire, slumping into the carpet of Ramsons.

I was amazed when I performed the autopsy to find a .177 in the left shoulder blade! Evidently the pellet had travelled through the skull, down the neck and expended itself between the muscle and skin. 10.87ft/lbs at 40 yards. Astounding.

My first thought was "Wow, maybe JFK was killed by a 'magic bullet'!"

I'm keen to chuck her in my 'oven' and see what she's like with some Patak's Rogan Josh curry paste!

Only a short one this time friends!

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