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A Proper Forum - Sunday 18/09/11

Kit, Saara and Henri came round this morning, During the conversation, we were invited to join them down at the hub for a 'food to share' meal.
Emma and I went down to Jayne's plot to get some vegetables and enquired whether, in fact, the meal was intended to include volunteers. I wasn't much bothered either way but as we had received an invite, I did not share Emma's concern.
We arrived just after the prescribed time of 13:00. 13:10 to be more precise. It was just us for ten minutes until Kit arrived. Five minutes after he, Simon, Jasmine, Grandpa Nigel, Elfie and Cosmo trooped down and we tucked in.
It later transpired that Jayne had shown up to this informal get together but had given up and gone moments before we arrived.
A good two hours was spent by all discussing many subjects. In my view, more is accomplished in these informal gatherings than is currently at meetings! Not much is concluded or resolved, but certainly views and personal opinions are shared in the proper forum.

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