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Circus and Flames - Monday 13/09/10

The Circus?! Lions?Tigers?Bears? Nope -  Katy and Leanders Roundhouse

Weather has turned. The next 48 hours are supposed to be high winds and rain. Despite this, I was amazed to see what appeared to be a circus 'Big Top' being assembled over on Katy and Leanders plot! In actual fact this massive red tarp was being spread over their roundhouse to allow them to finish the roofing.
Ayres and I waterproofed up to do some of our own building work, but decided to go and offer a hand whilst having a nose around.
We broke for lunch and I was busting myself cutting kindling, when for the second time so far i heard "Mike! FIRE!"
Fireman Mike was once again employed. This time to quench a pan of oil Emma had succeeded igniting. As i'm sure everyone knows, these can be potentially catastrophic if treated in the wrong way. Knowing that water would unleash a deadly napalm bomb I slid the lid over the pan in the hope of starving it of oxygen. This appeared to work until the lid, which was a size too big slid off. The pan then 'popped' and emitted a fireball and a jet of flame threatening to burn a hanging tea towel and the overhead cupboards. With the lid carefully secured in place, the pan was taken outside, where i was greeted by a train of excited children who had seen the flames and were all hoping to be the first to see our lives in carnage.
Sorry kids, i'm just too good.
I am of the opinion Emma secretly hates our new lifestyle and is progressively attempting different methods to destroy it! Will keep an eye on her i think.

M Jones

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