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A Dunk Tank And A Bloody Pumpkin - Saturday 18/09/10

Attended Fran's School Fete. Was a nice little village affair with various simple amusements including a dunk tank!
I managed to become almost obsessed with the "Guess The Weight Of The Pumpkin" so much so, I snuck a photo of the list of guesses and tried to gain the upper hand using the law of averages. This led me to the answer of 15.56811 kg however when i eventually returned to enter my super accurate 'guess' i was devastated to see more guesses. Still, i couldn't back out, so i paid for my guess and hung around until the very end. By which time there were 23 more guesses! One more. I took another clandestine photo and scuttled off with the vain hope my average had only been minutely changed. No such luck. The new average was a massive 4kg over the previous! Damn you Derren Brown. Where are you when i need you!?
It was no longer, indeed was never, about the prize. Simply ensuring that maths was still a constant in my life. If that bloody pumpkin doesn't weigh 19.27023kgs or even better, my earlier guess of 15.56811kgs, I will simply be distraught.

M Jones

Frans School

The Dunk Tank, which must have taken ALOT of money that day!

Good old tug of war

Face painting kept Em busy...

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  1. this is great!! just go into journalism


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