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Rammed Earth Tyres - Wednesday 15/09/10

Rammed earth tyres. The agenda for the day. 6 Volunteers arrived last night from Scotland! A 12 hour drive. An amazing mix of stories. South Africans, Hawaiians, English, American, German. Incredible group. As i got chatting, it transpired they came from a community called Culdees i'd read about a couple of night prior and had been so drawn to, it was a place i thought we could go to after Lammas.
Worked on the site from 10:00 - 13:30 then went back for half an hour until 15:00 as i had to collect the kids and did another hour or so after that. was pooped by the end.

On a tea break, Simon took the visitors to his place.

Our first completed tyre...

Quite a few more to go!

Not bad progress. Two more courses to go.

M Jones

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