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Income - Friday 17/09/10

Got a call asking if i'd be up for some paid work Monday. Has led me to try and find a way of bringing in some steady cash without the strings of conventional employment.
Unsurprisingly, the viable options appear rather limited. Online paid surveys? Doubt they're 'easy' money. In order to bring in anything acceptable i'd imagine you'd need to sit in front of a machine for 8 hours a day 5 days a week as your eyesight faded and brain liquified.
Could write a guide perhaps? Do i have the patience or even know anything of use? I like the idea of prehaps writing some short e-books. Cheap. Short. Am not out to make millions, Just enough so our expenses don't completely drain our accounts each month... That said, isn't that what the whole world is trying to do?

M Jones

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