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Where Is My Mind? - Thursday 16/09/10

Had to engage the brain early today as a school run 'system' was changed. a pre breakfast text flurry ensured the tiddlywinks were covered.
More rammed earth tyres with the guys from Culdees
Weather has been on and off, but for the most part sunny and dry. Am concious that the sun is now setting around 19:30 and not rising until 06:56. With the days closing in, i am also keeping a weather eye, as inevitably our productive days will diminish.
Although i'm committed to seeing as much of the building done as i can, i'm also aware the travel urge is creeping in. Is it because of the routine i ask myself? Is this an underlying subconscious thing?
How in control of my life and more importantly, my mind, am i?

M Jones

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