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Poor And Loving It -Tuesday 21/09/10

All this machinery means just one man can maintain and harvest this huge forest.

Round two. One man down, so with Charlie and Ritchie no the receiving end i fed the logs through on my own. Right up until 14:30 when the machine broke down. Left at 16:45 making it a 7 hour day. Stopped off at Glandy Cross to pick up some bits after visiting Charlies partner, who, incidentally is working on a farm due to be taken over and run by the owners of Ruskin Mill in Stroud!
Have been offered another day, possibly two of work, but i have turned it down. Partly will welcome the change of pace, plus helping Ayres on the building, is what i'm here to do and this week we have some volunteers to help.
Plus i am fully aware that should i start bringing in money, we'll find things to spend it on. Am currently enjoying not spending by virtue of not having anything to spend!

M Jones

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