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That Autumnal Feel - Wednesday 22/09/10

This week being a volunteer week at Lammas, we have 2 extra pairs of hands. Ayres has been making use of them with a variety of tasks being set. Alot is needing doing. Bales need moving, trees need staking, beds need resurrecting, as well as poles needing stripping (by hand!). With today being the first day of autumn, there was certainly an autumnal feel i.e the weather was shit. Whilst i agree with the saying "There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing" I still prefer to keep dry. Water proofs are ok, but with hot work they soon lose their benefit as you overheat and become drenched in sweat. Am becoming concerned about our battery. The controller is now reading between 12 and 11.3 volts. Not sure how to gauge the state of the battery from that, but i guess its low as up until now its rarely dipped below 12 volts. I now have a choice. Spend my earning on a service on the car, ensuring mobility, or purchase an auxiliary form of electricity generation in the form of a 50w wind turbine.
Being that i could just charge the battery in the barn off mains, i guess logic would dictate i opt for a service. But a service is so boring...

M Jones

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