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Don't Misidentify Your Balls - Saturday 25/09/10

Took a walk up the top past Simon D's. A beautiful spot apparently owned by a Belgian couple. Rather selfishly if you ask me. You could fit another Lammas again up there. Plus, it kind of goes against the eco principles being that they've bought 28 acres. The common notion is that roughly 5 acres is enough to support one family. Anything more than that cannot realistically be managed by one household without the employment of mechanical assistance.
Still. We wandered down through the woodland coming across a wonderful variety of wild flowers and wild produce. Mistook an Earthball for a Puffball! Well, only for a split second. After squeezing the top i revealed a chamber of spores and with the help of my new RSPB Wildlife Of Britain book, i learnt the differences and the fact the Earthball is in fact poisonous.
After showering at Ayres' I found myself reading a great little book called Keep Calm and Carry On: Good Advice for Hard Times. The inspiration for which, was the third of three wartime posters, the last of which was never issued. This final poster with this simple message, was to be plastered in tube stations should the Germans have invaded. I love its Britishness.
Tried to watch Yes Man but our charge controller put an end to that with a low battery warning. Had a hunch the shorter days were taking their toll on our solar panels. Had an idea to hook up a bicycle to a washing machine motor and a rectifier. Half to an hour a day on that should provide all of our electrical power...In theory.

M Jones

Wild Cherrys? I hope so as i ate one...


  1. Hi Mike, Yes I'm still your No1 reader, wife No2,great to meet you over my 8days at Lammas. I did pop back last weekend with my wife but with helping up at Pauls,then fire and drum circle we did'nt see you. Keep the faith! you are in the right place and I'm sure luck will come your way.If you see James he will give you my phone No, text and I'll send you my email.Our kind regards!love to you and family. David and Makuini

  2. Thanks alot David. Will track down James when he's not being worked! :-) All the best to you both, so sorry to have missed you. Mike J


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