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The Return - Thursday 19/10/10

Arrived back at Lammas at 20:00 Sunday evening. Was a fantastic feeling. Definitely one of returning home, which says alot to me.
Monday morning i was thrown straight back into the mix for what turned out to be a phenomenal days work. It was the stage i have been looking forward to. A stage that gives this build the visual and psychological leap forward into tangibility and manifestation.
The timber framework at this point resembles a henge.
Had great fun playing with a tripod i made with Rudolph. Ayres had a bit too much fun i fear.

Although we were only gone from Lammas a week, therer appears to have been an explosion of progress and activity in our absence. Andy and Jane's turf roof is on, as is Katy and Leander's, Paul and Hoppi have also finished roofing and waterproofing their barn. And as of Monday morning Simon D has begun work on his workshop and already made substantial headway.
Another leap has come in the form of long term volunteers. We now have 6 more people here, three of whom arrived during the week we were away.
This, and the aforementioned changes have resulted in me feeling rather out of touch, if not lefty behind somewhat. Am hoping in a couple of days i'll have settled back in and caught up.
Ayres and Marianne had a visit from the BBC today. Was rather surreal really.
Woke up around 08:30/09:00 and stepped outside looking nicely dishevelled, to be greeted by a camera and sound crew filming Ayres chopping firewood. As sods law would have it, our awning door was right behind Ayres and bang in the middle of their shot. Will no doubt make an entertaining out-take!
We looked after the children whilst the crew interviewed Ayres and Marianne, i think on the subject of money and their relationship to it.
Don't think i can imagine a more mundane 15mins of fame quite frankly.
If they had asked me about my relationship to money, i'd have to say it is very much akin to a one night stand, as illustrated by my trip to the petrol station today. Can't help feeling i've been screwed/

Late afternoon i took to wandering and delivering bottles of my hawthorn brew. Am very glad i did. Was humbled and grateful to meet a chap called Dave, who it transpired was a reader of my blog and gave some very kind feedback. A very very big thank you Dave! Hope to see you back here again soon!

M Jones

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