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But Mummy, I Don't Want To Go To School - Tuesday 28/09/10

Simon D had asked me on Sunday whether i was up for some work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Persuaded Emma to join me. Bit of a mistake. Ended up stripping logs instead of plastering boards with lime - oops. Don't think she'll risk tomorrow.
Had an emotional outburst from Fran last night regarding school. Turns out she's now feeling excluded by the language barrier and being physically and verbally bullied. Ideally she wants to go back to her previous school. Ironically just that morning we'd informed her old school of her new one. Had we not, it would have probably been easy to get her back in, as she was still on the books.
With that in mind, i think it is quite likely we will return at least to England. If only to minimise the impact of this new life on Frans schooling.

The roofing continues.

M Jones

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