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The Ever Evolving Plan - Thursday 23/09/10

Another pair of volunteers. Put them to work stripping logs but also made full use of having 4 people by using a bearer system to carry poles from a pile at the bottom of the plot. Just as well too as they are predominantly of a larger diameter of japanese and european larch. After a conversation with one of yesterdays volunteers, Ayres has now decided to extend the building by putting an indoor/outdoor space to the front.
The theory being this would serve to capture and store more natural heat as well as promote natural convection. There was also talk of underfloor heating using the backboiler he has attached to another woodburner.
Will be interesting to see whether this indeed happens and how it would come together.
Another evolution in the plan.

A volunteer from... No prizes for guessing.... thats right, Tipi Valley!

Gappy loses another tooth.
M Jones

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