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The Protesting Kitten - Wednesday 13/10/10

Have returned to see friends and family for a week. The whole trip was nearly scrapped after Didi, our friendly neighbourhood kitten, staged a 'sit on' protest.

So far we've crammed in the TV, DVD's and internet but are sorely missing the countryside.
Appreciated, i'm on holiday so to speak, but i have an overwhelming feeling of not being able to do anything.  A very painful memory. When you're living in a Barratt box modern home with bugger all land, what can you do? No, or very little garden is great for people who are at work all day busy paying bills.
Night time has literally illuminated something i sorely miss and will prevent me ever returning to live in or near a major city or town.

I miss the stars.

Caught a shot of carpets going over the bales before we left.

No photo collection would be complete without an accidental tummy/floor/foot shot

My friends dogs Vinny and Denzil. I think this picture is a real metaphor for the lives many of us live.

M Jones

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