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Christian Solstice Days - Monday 27/12/10

It has now become a standing joke in this family that every Christmas when asked "What would you like?", my reply is invariably "Peace and quiet". It is now so predictable, and perhaps depressing, no-one asks any more.
Well this year I came pretty damn close to getting it. Granted, it came at the cost of a stinking cold, but a streaming nose and nasty cough definitely make it easy for people to leave you alone. I made the effort to be present for presents. Trouble is, we have three Christmas days. One with Emma's Mum and Dad, one with Emma's sister and husband (plus kids) who come up from Farnborough on Boxing Day, and yet another at my parents the day after.
One major difference of this Christian Solstice over all those previous, is there are actually things we want and need. At the minute its warm stuff, but anything functional is welcome. Preferably something that enables us to produce something for ourselves.
I might even go so far as to say I'd be happy to trade my peace and quiet for a good thermal base layer...

M Jones

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