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Hairy Mary And Lady Karma - Thursday 23/12/10

Up at 6:00. Damn body clock. Went out at 08:00 to clear the drive and pavement outside the house in exchange for grit. You're not supposed to use council grit on private driveways, but felt it fair considering the work I'd done. Did it predominantly for Emma's Nan who lives next door, but Emma's Mum had taken a fall the previous evening.
20 minutes in an Argos van went down and de ja vu kicked in. Eventually got them out too and tried my luck as I did with Fed-Ex.
Finished off what I wanted to do and came inside for a coffee. Just sat down when the sound of spinning tyres came from across the road. Hat, coat, gloves, shovel, coffee and out I went. Goodwill toward men and all that.
Walked down with Dianne to town to pick up the truck. Turned out it wasn't the alternator, was a loose belt and missing charge relay. A relay that had lived in the glove box since we'd bought it, as the previous owner didn't know what it was. Worryingly the mechanic noticed I was low on oil, the level just touching the bottom of the dipstick. Worrying as two weeks ago when I last checked it was just below the max line.
Still, god bless Lady Karma. The bill came to £75 opposed to the expected £300 +.
A Christmas cheque of £90 from a relative had cleared and that covered it.
Returned the favour of a lift to Dianne, then went on to my parents. Dad was concerned about picking up an Uncle from Bristol, so he took me up on my offer of driving them in our truck.Seemed fitting as it was this Uncle who'd sent me that cheque. Arranged to go back tomorrow and do the run around 13:00. Went on from my parents to see my best buddy Luke. His folks were very amused by my new winter hairiness.
Bloody knackered and starting to feel the effects of this cold I've picked up.

Parents New Wood Burner.

M Jones

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