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Lethal Gas - Tuesday 21/12/10

A chance to mong out at Nigel and Cassies roundhouse whilst the womenfolk crafted various items. Green man thingymabobs and felt stuff.
Around 15:00, I couldn't put off the trip to Bwlchygroes for gas any longer. Supplied with a shopping list for others, we stopped off in Crymych. Whilst sitting in the car waiting for Emma, I received a call from Jane wondering if we were out and about. Her son Jake was due back from school at 16:00, and her car was parked a 50 minute walk away so could we pick him up? Only meant a 20 minute wait for us. In that time I called ahead to warn Nick the Gas of our intentions. His words were, "careful as you go, don't touch the brakes or clutch, its bloody lethal. Put her in low and let her go". Thanks Nick. As it happened all went well and another day ended safely.

M Jones

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