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Kits Kat - Monday 20/12/10

Nigels wife Cassie had asked if we could take her to Clunderwyn station as she was volunteering in a shop in Carmarthen, this tied in nicely as we were already driving to Narbeth to take Kits cat, or Kits Kat, to be spayed. As it happened, we then drove to Carmarthen as it made alot of sense due to the size of the place and that way we could save Cassie a train journey.
Had a good time mooching, and eating fresh pasties from a Taste of Cornwall shop.
Met up with Cassie. She wondered whether we could pick up Nigels Solstice present - a red leather chair from Narbeth, went well with the "Bah Humbug" hat I bought him. This was fine as we'd need to go back there for the cat. It fitted in the boot, and Nigel got his gift in time.

Had just settled in front of the wood burner with a welcome cup of coffee when the phone rang. A delivery van was stuck at the bottom of the trackway, teetering over a ditch. Would I answer the call? Cors ah wud!
Another rescue under the belt, and it was nearing 18:00. Now I had said I'd pass on football, but the idea of a shower in a warm environment twisted my arm...
Emma wasn't happy, she and Fran had found me a copy of The Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD and were looking forward to watching it together. Managed to squeeze it in before footy, but it was touch and go as our battery was very low. A combination of a small dvd player and a 12v transformer of Kits was much more efficient than the inverter.

Upon my return around 23:00 I was glad to get into bed, but this wasn't to be, the grate had been left open and the fire burnt out. The caravan was freezing and we were out of kindling. 02:00, the fire was upto temperature, and I stiffly climbed into bed...

Gwyn sensing somethings up...

M Jones

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