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Flippin' Artichokes - Tuesday 14/12/10

Spoke to Kit this morning, following a missed call from him last night. After it emerged it was of no great importance, I proudly informed him all the vegetable beds were now done. To which he replied words to the effect of "Thank you, that's excellent, hope the fruit bushes and globe artichokes are ok". SHIT! The bushes were fine, they were obvious, but what the hell do globe artichokes look like? I asked vaguely which ones the were assuring him that all was well, but couldn't press him without letting on that I'd most like flipped them over and chopped them into the ground with a spade...
A hurried root (no pun intended) and rummage in the pile of grass and dead stuff revealed 9-12 healthy look specimens that I'd kept to one side in case of just such an occurrence. These were re-planted swiftly and very neatly in as close to their original place as possible. Phew. Another meeting to attend, not quite as upsetting as last week.

Came back to find Justin had returned from a long weekend away. Had a coffee. Faffed about with the fire. Time passed.
Just before sundown I went to get water, just so happened Justin was about to do the same. Explained to him that Kit was due back tomorrow, and told him about my near cock up with the artichokes.
Justin graciously informed me that what I had replanted were sprout plants. Not artichokes. Oh crap.
Another rummage and fretful excavation produced 4 or 5 very upset, very dirty artichokes. No matter how much I caress them or fiddle with them, they are determined to betray me. They remain looking like someone dug them up, flipped them over and buried them.
I hope Kit isn't too upset...

Fire TV. Consistently better than the crap on Freeview. Even appeals to a feline audience.

These, are globe artichokes.

These, are not.
M Jones

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