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English Gents - Monday 13/12/10

The chocolate advent calendar may not contain the highest grade of confectionery but it is serving the purpose of reminding me Christmas is rapidly approaching. I honestly believe, without it, and if no-one reminded me, I'd completely forget. And have the most wonderful Christmas ever. Would be cheaper too.
More preparation of veggie beds, one of which was nearly completely reclaimed and was a real pig. Despite the burning back muscles and physical exertion I couldn't be happier. Many would find that disconcerting. I must be a very old 25 years of age. Still, gardening may be regarded as a pastime reserved for older, retired English gents, but I tell you what, I'll be bloody chuffed if I'm still capable of doing what I've just done in 40-50 years time!
Here's to all those misunderstood and deceptively fit, retired backyard gardeners out there!

I'm off to bed.

M Jones

Row 4 Done

Row 5

Row 6

Row 7

Row 8. Admired by Gwyn.

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