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The Regrettable Strike Of Ms Anonymous - Wednesday 24/11/10

Once again, there is trouble in paradise. 10:00 Tuesday morning began another Lammas Committee meeting. All very routine until the last agenda item. "Long term volunteers : financial/legal/privacy and how do we get rid of those who do not want to leave?"
A valid agenda item as it is written. Pertaining to another volunteer who wouldn't cook for themselves (privacy issue for the leaseholder) was of foreign nationality (legal?) broke (financial) and now didn't want to leave. Unfortunately, thanks to someone who I shall kindly allow to remain anonymous, it morphed into a debate when said person randomly brought up that Kit intended to allow us to inhabit a static on his plot. In my opinion this was most regrettable. Obviously Ms Anonymous had motives...
First off, yet again, there were wild inaccuracies, very few facts and subsequently fearful speculation. The same recipe for disaster that occurred not a month prior.
Secondly, this arrangement does not exist yet. Far better would be to find out exactly what is being proposed, gain clarity and move forward. Most interesting was the fact that despite Ms Anonymous knowing the facts, us having confided in her on this matter, she failed to elaborate to the group. Preferring to slink back and allow the mess to erupt.
It was proposed that all volunteers sign a contract with an end date. A residents meeting was suggested in order to discuss the matter and ascertain what exactly should go on the next committee meeting agenda. Despite us being one of the areas of focus of this residents meeting, we were not invited to attend and provide our side of the matter.
The residents meeting, I believe to be a sensible thing. But we couldn't help coming away feeling stabbed in the back, unvalued and unappreciated. Just disposable items ready to be replaced.
That is probably due to not being in a position with any form of power. Therefore our reaction was to reach for that which is in our power. The ability to stay, or rather, leave.
As the dust has settled, so have emotions, but an uneasy air hangs like a mist in the valley. The committee asked that things be put on hold for two weeks. What they don't know is that we have already postponed the caravans delivery three times, Following the verdict, we delayed twice more and now the vendor is understandably wanting to know what to do. With this in mind we've agreed to delivery next Monday. This has already prompted the question from Ms Anonymous "Why have you not waited, at least until after the residents meeting?" This is unfair and unjustified in my opinion for the following reasons.
It is wrong for people to assume we have any power. Let alone, the power to engage in any activity that does not carry the consent of a plotholder.
It is unfair, in light of the many previous occasions we have already postponed and waited.
The other factor to consider is that we are not out to be defiant, undermine, or upset people. We have simply been presented with a wonderful and generous opportunity to better our current situation, our hearts and intentions are pure. I have faith, that all considered people will see truth and reason, and see us for the valuable asset we are. Kit seems to...

M Jones

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