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Sleeping Starkas - Saturday 23/10/10

I am officially declaring last night as the last sleeping starkas night for this year. Why? Because its been bloody cold recently, and despite being a 'hot' sleeper i've managed to contract a phlegmy cough and a runny nose. From this day or rather night, forth i shall include donning a t-shirt in my bedtime routine. Another reason for mentioning this, is not only is it useful to note, but i would hate to think there were men out there, naked and shivering each night because no one had taken the time to tell them it is now too cold. There. Conscience cleansed.

Took a stroll upto Kits at 13:00 to find him in the dark, reading a book and suffering from a monster hangover. Left him to it. On my return, i observed that wonderful sight synonymous with country living and often pictured in school history textbooks. A human chain unloading 200 odd bales of straw. My feeble excuse of merely observing and recording failed to hold water and i was swiftly press ganged into the ranks.
But around here, if we work hard, we play hard. So at 16:00 the gathering to celebrate Melissa's 40th Birthday began to muster, and around 23:00 an exhausted and beer filled me, made and devoured an egg sandwich, and gladly clambered into his bed. Leaving on his shirt.

M Jones

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