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Ramming And Whacking - Thursday 28/10/10

Foolishly, i made a hand print in the grime from the paraffin lanterns, and was made to clean it. So being immature, i only cleaned my side...

Emma using our rescued hand powered Singer sewing machine for the first time. The cold called for some heavy curtains that made a huge difference.

Hinge snapped :-(

Kit having a quick whack by himself.

Still whacking...

His wife Saara is away...Keep whacking Kit.
Ironically, since Ayres and family departed last week i have been the busiest i've probably been since my arrival. Finished Kits foundations yesterday after a full days graft. He'll now be leaving the rammed stone to wash and settle naturally over the coming week. Well timed too as Ayres returned around 16:00 yesterday.

Monday nights football was very productive, had a fantastic game following which it transpired the oppositions goalkeeper was none other than the owner of the farm next door. This prompted me to suggest us volunteers trooping down to his to help out. This i feel, will give us the husbandry and livestock experience currently lacking at this phase of Lammas' development. Would also help with public relations. Nice and neighbourly and all that.

Tonight we have a gathering of volunteers down at the local pub. I believe its intention is to be a relaxed, informal affair where we can raise and discuss topics of varying importance. Might turn out that the term 'piss up' becomes more accurate...

M Jones

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