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The Glorious Complexities - Tuesday 09/11/10

10:00 I saw various faces walking past the caravan to Ayres'. It wasn't until the third person that i remembered today was a committee meeting that i had resolved to attend. Those that also attended included Jane (Plot 1), Katy (Plot 2), Ayres and Marianne (Plot 3), Jude (Plot 4), Myself, Kit, Paul W, Simon D, Justin (Volunteer) and Nigel.
The matter consumed 4 hours related to one incident. This incident however had many far reaching ramifications. These areas encompassed - law, policy and procedure, professional and personal conduct/misconduct, Lammas as an organisation, Lammas as Tir Y Gafel village and many other issues. I say it consumed 4 hours, in reality it will probably be more after reviews have taken place and been discussed at the next meeting.
By 15:00 i was feeling both mentally and physically drained. But what a valuable experience.
The question that could be asked by residents is "Why did Mike attend?" The answer to that is this.
Many people that visit Tir Y Gafel see a very idyllic life, lifestyle and setting. For the most part, this is true. What fascinates me and what i witnessed first hand today, is the glorious complexity of humans co-existing. In mainstream battery hen living, i for one, had a minuscule input into the running of the community and settlement i was residing in. Here, people are having to organise and discuss all the same issues councils do. And a whole lot more.
Of course, here you also have those that attend most if not all meetings, as well as others who only do so when issues directly affect or pertain to them.
I feel in this environment and structure, it is far easier to have your say and make a difference. That said, the daunting myriad of rules, issues and protocol could seriously make one NOT wish to reside in a community if ANY description. In my opinion the benefits far outweigh this and i empathise with those in this community who wish to place trust in others to wade through the quagmire on their behalf.
An important proposal was raised and agreed to, which was the fostering by Lammas of another low impact settlement using the template of Tir Y Gafel.
There is a feeling inside me akin to being present at the birth of Christ and bearing witness to the beginning of an extremely important movement. I am also the bearer of a terrible sadness when i realise money currently prevents my entry into this incredible life. As our stay continues, I foresee expansion and the opportunities that brings, melting away as those with the cash leap frog their way in front of us. The pain of this would be crushing and the fear of this alone could be enough to make me want to leave, just to avoid that possiblity.
I will not be ruled by fear. With that in mind i feel if we can spend two more years here, providence will provide a doorway.

M Jones

Woe betide the man who disturbs the pregnant beast.

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