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The Death Of A Friend - Saturday 13/11/10

All around are the visible signs autumn is here and winter is approaching.
The recent high winds have dislodged the leaves that have died, and the trees now look skeletal and bare.
All this death will pave the way for rebirth. But death has come calling too close for comfort this year, seeing fit to end the life of a good friend of mine. At present, I know scant few details, but a man not living past his 24th winter is a sobering thought indeed. His loss has weighed heavy on my mind, occupying thoughts and clouding others.
If nothing else, I am reminded that whatever my reservations about having another baby are, he never got the chance to father one.
To my friend Keith Jefferies, who died 11/11/10

The message I wrote on his Facebook wall when I found out:

"I find this page extremely hard reading. It goes from friendly banter and chat concerning day to day life. Then posts of "get well soon". To Comiserations and Eulogies.

There's an anger inside me I can't direct.
There's a feeling of betrayal by the forces upon which I trusted and depend.
An anguish that an individual su
ch as he, has gone where I cannot yet go.
Above all, there is a gut wrenching guilt. The guilt we all dread which cannot be assuaged by apology. But its an apology I will make anyway.

Keith. I am sorry I didn't give you more of my time. You gave me yours, and for that I will thank you eternally. Please forgive me.

My time will come, as yours has done. You have led and I shall follow. Knowing this I shall not fear death. Because I know you're waiting for me.

Til then Keith, I will miss you, and mourn your passing. We all will."

To his brother Mark, this message;

"My good friend Keith...

I went to school with Keith, a valued and trusted friend. I'm deeply shocked and saddened.

As a brothers love is so great as to be valued and cherished, his loss is all the more terrible and the grief that much more severe.

I am so sorry. Alot of people are thinking of you, in that take some comfort.

Whoever God is, may He bless you, and all your family."

M Jones

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