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Adz And Excavators - Friday 22/10/10

There are two reasons why i skip recording my days. 1. If i feel i have not done or witnessed anything particularly noteworthy, 2. If i am too involved in noteworthy happenings am left too pooped or time strapped. Thankfully, in this case, it is the second of the two scenarios responsible for Thursdays disappearance.
Thursday the 21st of October now seems a blur of distant memories, the most prominent of which I shall now do my best to relate to you.
I believe the day started with a breakfast bowl containing the last of the Weetos purchased during our visit to Stroud. This was followed some time later by the departure of our host family as they themselves visit the town in which they previously resided for the next seven days.
Up until 15:55 i was employed in the service of Kit. My duties included preparation for the digging of the foundations of his build, transportation of timber out of the barn and upto his plot, and very much later, assisting with the marking of the proposed trenches set to be dug at 10:00 Friday morning.
Before his departure Ayres had requested i attend an auction of tools, set to take place in the barn at 16:00, in his stead. The tool he had his eye on and wished for me to bid on in his place, was a fine looking Adz.
Quite what this tool is intended for, i do not at this moment in time know, but Simon obviously did and outbid me. The irony is, Ayres will inevitably end up borrowing it! Over the course of the next hour and a half i got embroiled in numerous bidding wars and came away substantially poorer and the owner of various tools i do not yet have a need for. Delivered a keg of homebrewed bitter to Melissa in lieu of her birthday party on Saturday, then it was up to Kits plot to mark his building pad by the light of my trucks headlights.
Another restless night which forced me to Ayres' static caravan for some midnight green building research.
Friday morning i met Kit on his plot at the arranged time of 09:30. A few cigarettes and two coffees later the excavator arrived. Not at 10:00 but more like 11:00. Once we got started and stuck in, we worked hard until we broke for lunch at 13:00. Justin, a volunteer on Nigels plot and yesterdays auctioneer, borrowed my truck to tow a trailer to carry sand. Due to odd jobs springing up, they had not finished with it at 15:00 as agreed. This made me late leaving for Cardigan and cost me brownie points with my dear Lady Love.
Film night tonight. 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events', then bed. God Bless it.

M Jones

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