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Premium Silver Costs Premium Gold - Thursday 04/11/10

Home sweet home

Since Saturday, i've been engaged in quite an assortment of tasks and activities. Helped cut and raise another cross beam on the henge. Its becoming clear that by the way we're doing it we'll be averaging one a day.
Tuesday saw us take a trip to Llanmadoc on the Gower peninsula outside Swansea. Whilst Kit and i packed his things into our truck and his trailer, Em and Fran picked apples and went for a walk. Despite the poor weather and overcast sky some of the scenes around there are most impressive.
We didn't arrive back until late so it wasn't until Wednesday morning that i noticed another cross member had been cut and raised in my absence.
Booked the car in to have a sidelight replaced, as well as have the electrics looked at after the batteries died last Monday night at football. So at 15:00 Wednesday afternoon, kit and i trundled off to Bwlchygroes. We didn't leave there until 16:55 and i'd been told i needed two new batteries. By 17:30 my meagre savings had been wiped out and i was £125.04 poorer. But the proud owner of two Numax Premium Silver 68ah batteries. Forgetting the £80 to fill the tank each time, this car has now cost me in excess of £750 in maintenance this year. A stark reminder of how big a liability these machines are. I could comfort myself in the thought that at least the batteries should be good for the next 5 years, but i liked having savings.

M Jones

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