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Ash Whips, Presellis And Poo - Monday 22/11/10

Having trouble casting my mind back to know where to begin. Have been upto so much, last Thursday seems a lifetime ago, but i'll do my best.
Football - Thursday was the debut of a second team in the league, created due to the fact we had so many guys wanting to play. The first teams fixture was before us, and they put in an honourable performance losing 8-3. The second team, for which I played, faced the league champions of 6 consecutive years. We got slaughtered. A glorious massacre at 17-2. The consolation for me, was that I scored the first of our goals. That game was on another level, and left me forced to re-evaluate my fitness level. Will be sticking to Mondays until my stamina and aerobic fitness is on par.

Friday and Saturday I went with Ayres and Kit to pick up two trailer loads of very very well rotted manure. So well rotted that my first step in the pile saw my welly disappear and my leg saturated in poo juice. Nice.
Saturday afternoon, I sat in on a talk by a local fruit tree expert who really knew his stuff. His orchard has over 1000 species with no two trees the same. He is bringing back lost native British varieties by importing graftwood from Tasmania and other parts of the empire as was.
17:00 Kit and I set off for Kilgetty to pick up some ash whips and saplings following an advert i'd seen on freecycle. After a long chat with the chap we were invited back in the day where, within reason, we could take what we liked form his woodland. A very valuable contact!
Despite having already had a long and productive day, Ayres told Kit and I to dress warm and dry and report at 20:30 for a 'mission'.
We ended up hiking over the Presellis until gone 02:00. The night was clear and the moon full, making for a fantastic experience.
Sunday, yesterday, Emma Kit and I planted ash and in the evening had a brilliant homemade curry.
Boy did I sleep well!
Woke up this morning thinking of catching up on the blog, however my morning cigarette was interrupted by a delivery of 20 tons of stone. Heigh Ho Heigh Ho, its off to work I go...

M Jones

Very well rotted indeed.

A group photograph taken a while back. The photographer kindly sent each of us a copy.

I missed this shot. You can tell its lacking something :-)

Planting the ash whips. Should be ready to harvest in 5-10 years.

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