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Follow by Email - Tuesday 11/01/10

Returned to Lammas yesterday evening around 17:30.
Our stay with Emmas parents was prolonged due to a relay of recurring illness. If I felt better, Emma felt worse and vice versa. This happened daily, even now, although hopefully I'm recovered and Emma is fighting off the remnants.
Before we left I asked Emma to check our car insurance, as I knew it was up for renewal soon. Sooner than I thought. It had expired a month earlier than I'd anticipated, 23/12/10 to be exact. A fair few illegal and uninsured journeys had been made since then.
This presented a real issue. Our premium had effectively doubled from £460 per year to £880 odd. We couldn't afford that, not even monthly.
The silver lining of this cloud might come in my solution. Why not buy a days insurance? We rarely use the car as it is (in comparison to most) and we could stand to save £500-£1000 a year, more if you factor in fuel and wear and tear. The tricky part could be when it comes to tax it, but aside from that, it makes sense. Days we do buy insurance, we'll cram in as much as humanly possible in shopping, treats etc. Seems win-win at this moment in time.
Despite the hiccups, we're now settling back in. True to our word, we did a massive shop before leaving Stroud and its actually that which consumed most of our unpacking time.
Picked up my proof copy of A Diary Of A Warless Warrior. Noticed a typo on the rear cover and first entry. My fault for working on it when tired.
Since returning we've been greeted by rain. So much in fact, the hardstanding the caravan is sited on is partially flooded, the latrine trench is close to overflowing and the ground is saturated. The gloominess of the days hasn't helped motivation levels, nor the batteries. Have had little choice other than to remain inside and read. Extremely frustrating when there is so much I can be myself with outside.

The new cat stable...

M Jones

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