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Irish Lemsips - Friday 24/12/10

The run to Bristol was no problem at all despite the snow. Went via the A46 rather than the motorway for geographical reasons. A 74 mile round trip. Dad put forty pounds in the tank which was most generous as I used barely a quarter of that in fuel. This put the tank back to the level when we left Carmarthen. Uncle Ken, who we'd collected, slipped me a twenty pound note which I slyly passed to Dad. He was having none of it however and discreetly returned it.
Feeling very ill today and was exhausted when I left at 18:30. Mum insisted I take their last three Lemsips and borrow a mini bottle of brandy to have with it.
Bless 'em.

M Jones

 Kitten Playing Silly Buggers.

My Parents House. (Note icicles over top right window)

Close Up Of Super Big Deadly Lollipops.

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